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Brown Landone was one of the first teachers of the scientific understanding of accomplishments. Up until age 13, he lived the usual routine of an invalid. Then his life was changed dramatically after a frightening event. Although virtually helpless by many medical accounts, he was able to carry a heavy metal chest down five flights of stairs when left alone and a home fire erupted. Afterwards, young Landone knew his subconscious mind had somehow made it happen, without his conscious awareness of it   He reasoned that if he could do that subconsciously when he was ill, he certainly could do it consciously. Landone also explains how businesses were turned around, relationships attracted, careers advanced and finances increases through the process of Idealization.

When this updated edition was in its draft form, it was given to several people to "test". Several months were spent studying the text and applying the suggestins to their lives. Content was updated where needed to be better understood and utilized. Several testimonials are placed in the book. These current testimonials include as much detail as possible to show how their results were created, including: "My Best Sale Ever"; "My Ideal Home", "I Wasn't Worthy to Have My Desires", "Finally Getting My Ideal Body" and more.

Their names and email addresses are used with permission unless they requested otherwise. We give credit to the original author and the new contributors.

  Reader Comments

"This book helped me to change my life. all the Law of Attraction stuff and affirmations don'e mean a thing if your internal message is weak. The testimonials int he book really made is personal and helped me to see what I was and was not doing in my life and how I could make changes for better achievements." ~ Stacy Fuller, Long Beach, CA  Name used with permission

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   Book Excerpts   Reader Comments
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Book Excerpts con't:

         Chapter 1:

What Desires Can You Make Come True?

Every desire is the heart of some Ideal. Your desires always come true. Your wishes seldom do; they
die by consuming themselves in forever wishing wishes.
A desire with a body or an Ideal with a heart always becomes a reality! Every desire is the heart center of some Ideal that is either revealed to consciousness and understood or hidden in the ultra-consciousness and misunderstood. The Ideal
|is the active body of the desire. Do not expect your desire to come true unless you give it a body. Construct an Ideal that gives substance to each desire. Make the Ideal active; endow it with the
process of attainment. Then, it will become a reality! It will come true!

But an "idea" is not an "Ideal"! That is where your trouble often lies! Only a few - a very, very few -
of your ideas ever come true. And very, very few of your thoughts and plans ever materialize if they
are made up of ideas instead of Ideals. An Ideal always manifests itself in action and
becomes a reality
. Unless it does so, it is not an Ideal.

Change your ideas into Ideals and they will become realities...

       "If you greatly desire something,
have the guts to stake everything on obtaining it."

~ Brendan Francis ~

Page 24:


(EXCERPT) "For years I have taken classes and read books about identifying what you desire and how to have it. It seemed like it didn't matter what I did or did not do, my results were always the same and disappointing. When I read through this book the first time, I felt something inside, like a deeper awareness of the answer I was seeking. Then I read it a second time and began to see the difference between my ideas and my Ideals...

Chapter 6:

If you permit your Ideal to be lost in a jungle of many words and your process to be misdirected by a multitude of varying thoughts and feelings, each pointing in a different direction, why, then, of course, your Ideal will not and cannot become a reality. Unless you can clearly and definitely state your Ideal, it is not sufficiently concrete to make any process of attaining it successful. Unless you can definitely and simply state what you are to do and how you are to do it, your plan of the process of attaining or obtaining that which you want will be confused and your effort will be partly wasted and probably unsuccessful.

"To desire is to obtain."
~ James Allen ~



(EXCERPT) "My life appeared to be one disappointment after another. I desired a joyful life, yet it appeared that everything seemed against my having it. I wrote lists, I did affirmations, I read books and attended seminars all in an effort to find out what more I needed to do. I got deeper in debt, gained weight and lost relationships. When I read this book, and initially started Idealizing, I found myself procrastinating and not following through with the complete process...Getting specific on my desires so I could Idealize them was a lot or work at the start, but I'm worth it. Now I see more possibilities." ~ SPB, Orange, CA,~ Name Withheld by Request.

  Reader Comments (con't)

"Very scientific for those not interested in 'spiritual' or 'new age' ideas. Read it all the way through first, underine the pages that sound good to  you. Read the testimonials and then follow their lead in your life. If you are open to change, it will work for you. Nothing works until you take the right kind of action, inside and out." ~ David Miller, Corpus Christi, TX. Name used with permission

"I especially appreciate how the testimonials detail the original problem and how the person solves the problem using what they learned in the book. These testimonials are more than just flattery of having read the book or knowing the author; these testimonials are just as powerful and helpful as the authors' words. The testimonials give light as to how to apply the information in the book, and the possibility of the results that could be achieved by others, because of the results already received." ~ Paula Traverse, San Diego, CA. Name used with permission



"The trick is in what one emphasizes.
We either make ourselves miserable,
or we make ourselves happy.
The amount of work is the same."

~ Carlos Castaneda ~

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